Domina Training, Seminars and Workshops

In the SM Academy, under the direction of Mistress Laetitia, ladies and gentlemen as well as couples from the private and professional sectors are invited to attend training courses. Supplementing the broad range of scheduled thematic workshops, day seminars and comprehensive training for newcomers, individual coaching will also be offered.

Here, you will benefit from the advantage of learning new things within the well-kept rooms of the Studio Centric, in a relaxed atmosphere and among like-minded people practising on objects under close instruction. Indeed, that is is possible here in small groups consisting of a maximum of six participants.

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Domina Training

This comprehensive training is aimed at newcomers who want to work professionally. It takes place on four consecutive days and enables you to function independently afterwards. In addition to the theoretical portions, it also focuses on pragmatic techniques that are each demonstrated and practiced on actual subjects. This includes the learning of accurate implementation as well as the early identification of hazards and risks.

Day Seminars

The day seminars range from four to six hours in length, and can they be booked individually and independently of each other. They focus upon private and professional ladies, gentlemen and couples who are looking for training specifically covering various topics or who wish to close existing knowledge gaps. All seminars are basically designed for beginners. However, the seminars Heavy Rubber and Clinic II, on the other hand, do require previous experience in the SM domain.

You can book here:

Dominance I to IV (Marketing, Basics and Bondage)
Clinic I and II
Heavy Rubber


The workshops last some three hours and are targeted at private as well as professional ladies, gentlemen and couples who want to close knowledge gaps on a variety of topics. All workshops are designed for beginners. I teach the correct handling of the game partner in theory and practice and also show the dangers and risks. Different techniques with different equipment are used.

You can book the following categories here:

CBT and Nipple Torture

The Slave at the Center of Attention

Electrical Stimulation

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