Galerie der Räumlichkeiten

Here it goes to the latex studio with photos and information for our rubber guests




The Studio Centric is very angular, almost labyrinthine in appearance, so that the guest leaves the feeling of everyday life behind when entering the rooms and can thrillingly anticipate the atmosphere of the game ...

The playing rooms of the studio are all individually equipped, and each room is thematically provided with elegant and atmospheric furnishings.

Everywhere you look, there are numerous fixation possibilities – be it through rope bondage, straps, cuffs, steel shackles or foil – many options make room for an imaginative game.
There are also pulley blocks located in three rooms.

The flagellant will be delighted with different varieties of punches, the connoisseur will thrive on chain couches, a sling and anal chairs, the slave will welcome cages and floor pillories.




In the field of feminization, the House Centric has a large repertory of wigs, lingerie, corsets, clothing and shoes in various sizes, as well as of course a selection of make-up and accessories that promise the perfect transformation of the self.

The house also offers technical refinements: for example, a F * ckmachine and a milking machine (Venus 2000), which will certainly irritate one or the other as a challenge.

Furthermore, an ET-312, and various smaller power devices are available, which increase the tension of the delinquent at the hands of the ladies ...



In the latex area, the Studio Centric is one of the sizes in the southern region: It has a complete range of full-length suits, masks, gloves, footlets, various other garments and restrictive sacks from reputable manufacturers such as Demask, Rubbers Finest, Blackstyle, Ectomorph, Studio Gum.

Inflatable rubber bags, as well as rubber bondange sacks, vacuum bags, an inflatable straight jacket and inflatable masks make every rubber fetishist's heart beat faster. In addition to the studio rooms, a space specially dedicated to the topic of latex invites you to enjoy the shiny material in all of its varieties ...

The reception room is used for a detailed pre- and post-conversation, so that our guests can arrive in peace and "land" again.

The spacious bathroom is available to the guest before and after the session with a shower and fresh towels.

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