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June special
Exposed and Vulnerable
become the toy for the ladies...

Classic dominance
Madamé Kali Dreadful
performs again from June 27th to 29th

From June 27th to 29th
FLAG - DAY | Blood Heaven
Special by Madamé Kali Dreadful

passionate dominance
Valerie de Valor
guest on June 28th to 29th

Sensual dominance
Bizarre lady Comtesse Noir
guest on June 29th and 30th

approachable dominance
Miss Yuna
is in the studio from June 28th, 30th and July 1st

Touchable dominance
Fräulein Kaiser
is in the studio on June 30th and July 1st

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Der gelbe "Dienst"-Tag
Die Central Clinic Centric