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April special
Handed over!!!
from one hand to the other,
belonging to every lady ...

Toilet special
The yellow Duty Day
Your chance to do the SERVE as the TOILET
of all ladies present for up to a total of 3 hours...

[Translate to Englisch:] Bizarrlady Angela
Miss Decadoria
in the studio from April 12th to 16th

seductive Mistress
Femdom Louis Lion
guest from April 15th to 16th

passionate dominance
Lady Kinky Jay
from April 17th to 20th in the studio

Passionate dominatrix
Erna The Riding Huntress
will be guesting from April 19th to 21st

Empathic Lady
Lady Alira de Vil
will be guesting from April 21st to 26th

To our events
Monthly Special
Der gelbe "Dienst"-Tag
Die Central Clinic Centric