Latex Joys and Excesses in Studio CentriC

guarantee an experience of an unforgettable nature. In one of the leading rubber studios in Germany and beyond, this means an immersion into another world. An absolute understanding of our passionate Latex ladies with respect to the material as well as to highly regarded manufacturers such as Demask, Rubbers Finest, BlackStyle and Ectomorph are evidence of our high-quality standards.

Do you love the second skin? The shiny tightness that surrounds and envelopes you, coupled with this incomparable scent of rubber? You want to give in completely to the feeling? Tasting rubber, feeling and smelling, no matter if fixed or tied up, straightened out as a rubber doll or as a bizarre connoisseur of the material? If the answer is yes, then you are welcome!

We offer latex sessions, depending on the intensity of effort, starting from Euro 340, - for the first hour.

For each following hour Euro 250, -.



Our Furnishings


Suits in all sizes (up to 5XL), various strengths, different colors and partly with integrated gloves and footlets

Gloves and booties in all sizes, different strengths and colors

Monogloves and mittens in various designs

Doll shoes and boots, lockable restrictive ballerinas

Bra pads up to mega-bust size for our rubber dolls

The first hour of the session with a basic outfit in latex, consisting of matching suit, gloves, stockings and mask costs Euro 290, -.

Each following hour Euro costs 250, -.




System, topic, puppet, inflatable, clinic and gas masks

Restriction neck corsets, steel mouth spreader, inflatable blindfolds, KG (CB 6000 and steel)

Gag (for the most part inflatable):

Funnel, butterfly, ring, gagball, straps, bridle rubber bite

If you want to experience different masks beyond the basic equipment mentioned above, this is possible for Euro 300, - for the first hour.

Each following hour Euro costs 250, -.



Several restraints and straight jackets which are partly inflatable

Latex bags: Inflatable and vacuumable, with and without genital, nipple and facial opening, chest bags

Would you like to experience multilayer latex and various latex sacks?

The first hour HeavyRubber costs Euro 340, -.

Each following hour Euro costs 250, -.





Gas masks in various designs and tubeable (also in conjunction with golden shower inhaling), tubeable respiratory reduction masks with ambu-bag and breath reduction bag in various liter numbers.

Hard packed in multilayer latex and, in addition thereto, a full hose.

This can be experienced for Euro 350, - for the first hour.

Each following hour Euro 250, -.



Clinical latex in the form of various doctor's coats, nurse's clothing and retro rubber boots in various heel heights, medical scrubs in many lengths, thicknesses and colors, latex patient bedding (also in conjunction with SeguFix), patient smocks, hoods, mask masks, various sheets and covers.

As a willing latex patient in the clinic, or rather as an unruly, restless and renitent object of experimentation, are you willing to endure your treatment at the rubberized hands of a headstrong, hedonistic woman doktor?

The first hour rubber clinic costs Euro 300,- (without Heavy Rubber).

Each following hour costs Euro 250,-.



The Latex Ladies of the House

which include Madame Eva Liliel Black, Miss Decadoria, Miss Yuna, DragLady Lulu, bizarre lady Kinky Jay and some of our host ladies, are each approaching this fetish in their own unique way from Rubber Wellness to Heavy Rubber.

You can enjoy bizarre moments with Bizarr Lady Kinky Jay or slave woman Ricarda. Of course, the latex ladies have their own selection of special outfits for studio or clinic sessions.




Latex delights are possible with us in one-hour sessions as well as sequentialized in long-time specials, encompassing exclusive tributes and even overnight stays in the studio with some ladies.

At regular interval,s we offer rubber parties as well as monthly specials in latex, sometimes also combined with the clinic.

Each of our studio rooms with their thematic touch offers the rubberist the opportunity to realize his very own dreams.



Among the possibilities are:

Anal chairs adjustable in all levels

Restrictive steel gantry

Stand fixation frame

Fucking machine, milking machine (Venus 2000) and power tools (e.g., ET 312, Violet Wand) for machine sex

Infinitely spreading, tilting and swiveling fixation lounger

Bondage frame for bondage

Hoists for suspensions

Various gyn chairs and sling for our rubber dolls

Chest chair with integrated plug

HighRisk cage (with head and anal fixation) as well as various standing and lying cages

Slave parking with mouth fixation

Bondage stools

Belt lounger, Fessel bed Clinic for the rubber patient with gynecological chair and hospital bed with psychiatric restraint



Monthly Special
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