Welcome to the Studio Centric

Bizarre eroticism and classic dominance with more than 20 years of tradition in the heart of Stuttgart.

Dive into lustful erotic moments, dark passions and the bitter-sweet abysses of the soul. Our team of bizarre nymphs, playmates, lust slaves and soft-dominant ladies, dominatrices and fetish ladies awaits you in exclusively furnished rooms.

Here, in one of the most renowned SM studios in Germany, under the direction of Madame Lorett, you will be met by a passionate and qualified team, taking time for you and your fantasies.

When the heavy door closes and locks behind you, your everyday life disappears for a while - you enter our world, where your most bizarre desires become reality! 


Motionless Game Ball become the ladies' plaything...
The yellow Duty Day Your chance to do the SERVE as the TOILET
of all ladies present for up to a total of 3 hours...
Madamé Kali Dreadful performs again from June 18th to 20th
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The ladies of the Studio Centric work independently and on their own account

Please make appointments personally with the respective lady



Monthly Special
Der gelbe "Dienst"-Tag
Die Central Clinic Centric