The Yellow Duty Day


A feast for the real gourmet who knows how to appreciate the most exquisite champagne! The delicious liquid bubbles up warm from noble springs ... Your chance to do the SERVE as the TOILET of all ladies present for up to a total of 3 hours...



The rules:

You have the opportunity - if you can handle it – to be nothing but the toilet of all
the ladies present for 3 hours, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. (14 h to 20 h).
It's about pee (NO SCAT / NO CAVIAR!)

You will be fixed in a light form so that you can also be left alone, because a toilet is
usually only used when it is needed! Intake (= swallowing!) is presumed!
However, that doesn't mean that there won’t be something which streams across the
body every now and then.
The manners of positioning you and administering the golden stream are subject to the
given whims of the women.
The only thing you're still allowed to do is to signal when you can't take it anymore...
Extra requests (e.g. an introductory session or a concluding session) must be booked
separately! Being set up as a fully rubberized latex toilet is possible (extra charge 100.00).
Serving as a 'tubed' toilet with a drain (catheter) is possible as well, an extra charge of
50.00 has to be paid.

The Yellow Dues Day transpires exactly as described above!


The service as a ladies' toilet is, of course, still possible every Tuesday on request, but also
on all other days if enough ladies are present.

Registration is required (preferably one day in advance), given that the number of people
present is limited to 2 toilets at the same time!

Fee: EUR 300.00



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