RubberDreams with Miss Decadoria

The exciting scent of rubber fills you, slowly creeps into you and absorbs you.
The sight of me, Miss Decadoria, in a skin-tight latex catsuit will inflame you – and
freeze you in your tracks.

You crave for latex, heavy rubber and multilayered layered, and you also like being
placed under duress?

I'll rob you of all your senses, completely exposing your to your own element and
subjecting you to my power.

If latex is your passion, a passion in which you want to be trapped and at the same
time a passion which allows you to be completely free, then let me embrace and
dominate you.

With me, you will be abducted, packed to the point of absolute immobility and drawn
into the deepest layers of latex lust -- at my discretion.

No matter in which spheres the latex lust guides us, the fragrance and the tantalizing
shine of the magical material make latex an element of our bizarre cravings.

Experience me, Miss Decadoria, and my immeasurable latex lust will drive you crazy.




  • Multilayered, solid rubber coating
  • Vacuum bed, wrapping in foil, rubber bag, inflatable
  • Whole body wrap, mummification
  • Latex clinic
  • Total fixation, corseting
  • Mask application, gas masks, tubing
  • Breath reduction and control
  • Gagging
  • Fragrance and urine therapy
  • Sweating cures
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Forced clothing
  • Feminization
  • Anal treatments from soft to extreme
  • Forced Sucking, Milking (Venus), Tease & Denial
  • and much more.


4 h Session with 2,5h playtime: 690,- Euro
6h Session mit 3,5h playtime: 890,- Euro

Overnight: 4,5h playtime and overnight stay
(Beginning between 6 and 9 pm, ending between 6 and 10 o´clock): 1450,- Euro.

registration only with Miss Decadoria personally

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