mistress and slave

An event as well for the master as for the slave....
With a dominant lady and a slave from the studio.

Different ladies offer this event.


Do you enjoy subservient games involving dominant mistresses and humbly kneeling slaves? The willingness to accept and endure is decisive. The devotion and obedience of your counterpart will ignite in you the desire to lead.
In a devotional game, dominant ladies teach and relish in controlling their servants, imparting the virtues of obedience and submission upon them and demonstrating how to appreciate both the experienced master as well as the active beginners at their side, with whom they undertake the education of their submissive playmate together.

The slaves serve you under the leading hands of their mistress / lady as a practice slave just as they serve the connoisseur as reinforcing dominance together with the dominant lady, rounding out your experiences, thereby forming, as is were, a perfect "O" and exhibiting complete dedication.
Bizarre fantasies and dark desires embrace one another. Trembling bodies between humiliation and ecstasy.

Whichever side appeals to you the most, you can experience it. Different slaves and some specially selected ladies live out their passions in the education of couples as well.



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