Handed over

The ladies of our house want to have their fun, they are keen on living
out their fantasies with you and using you for their pleasures ...
And as women typically do, these ladies gladly hand over their
accessories – which they do not currently use – to their girlfriends.

So too, if they are not momentarily in the mood, they just pass you
on to the next lady.

Be her servant or slave, her object of desire or her toy,
in short: her decorative accessory.
Depending on your taboos and preferences our ladies take you into
their midst, play around with you for a little while or longer and then
hand you over, as they please, from one hand to the other,
belonging to every lady ...

Participating Ladies: All ladies available for the session time.
The ladies are not eligible.

2 h (1,5 h session time, 0,5 h lying time) € 390,-

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