Casual roleplay - special by Miss Yuna

Now something really crazy


Everyday clothing – now something really crazy!

We all love fetish clothing – no question about it. Clothes make people, and you slip into a
different role automatically with the appropriate outfit.
However, dominance can also be experienced during the everyday routine, because these
wonderful women also exist in real life!

In this special offer, I will receive you in my everyday look. The outfit is not freely selectable,
but quite authentic. I prefer sportswear and casual clothing.

This is what a role play could look like:
Imagine that you meet me at the supermarket, at the cash register ... I stand in front of you,
and you accidentally drive me into my heels with your shopping cart because your eyes stuck
to my bottom. I turn around and say indignantly: "Hello! Oh, you're the one flirted so hard with
me last time at the party in Club XY ?! ”You blush you're embarassed. Indeed, the people around
are listening and laughing. You can't get a word, you are surprised and ashamed at the same
After paying, we meet again in front of the supermarket door. I am suddenly very nice, and I invite
you to a coffee "at my home" with a friendly wink.
You think to yourself: "Alright!" And you follow me as if hypnotized. When we enter the building,
you wonder. But it looks weird here? When you arrive in "the apartment", you will feel very
different. What are these funny masks doing here. And why is it so dark?
After a short time, you find yourself tied up and gagged, with a plug in the ass, stuck inside one
of the rooms of Studio Centric. As you whimper, I work on you with a riding crop. Every now and
then, I give you a kick with my sneakers and threaten you with various mean things,
because you are still not constantly begging for mercy.

Well, hard luck …



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