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  • Sinnlich, meditative body travels
  • Tantric BDSM and fetish massages

Lulu - Touching is my true passion

Welcome to my variety of sensual pleasure. I am the lady with that certain something special for bizarre erotic games and massages from meditative and tender to restrictive and even hard. I call myself a passionate massage and love artist with a lot of experience. After years of practice with intense sex, I am a specialist in the field of sensual pleasure and sexual energy. I combine ancient tantric knowledge with modern bio-energetic knowledge.

As to my sexual orientation, I am pansexual – gender limits have no meaning for me. My offer is aimed at all gender identities - whether woman, man, trans ... etc.

Come into my world and let me enchant you with my sensual-erotic magic and the dance of the sexual energies which we experience together. My massage rituals are full-body-lustful experiences. I'll put them in the following settings:  

Erotic Touch - Minimum duration 1 h

Enjoy a first class trans-erotic massage. I am touchable and touch you with my whole body, do not let any of your erogenous zones out, and bring your lust into a whirl. Our journey goes from the valley of easy relaxation to the summit of pleasure ...  

Fetish Touch- Minimum duration 1 h

As described above, there is also the focus on your own personal fetish - no matter whether it´s silk, satin, nylon, patent leather, true leather, lingerie, high heels, boots - I have many fetishes and weave your special object of desire into my massage. Let us celebrate our fetish pleasure together ...  

Bizarre touch Minimum 1 h

As described above, the black BDSM game box is added here. You experience a horny, vivaciously sensual massage session with lustful power drops and intense sensual stimuli (whip, braces, fetters ...). I´ll use you for my pleasure and take you on a bizarre roller coaster ride of emotions ... hold on tight - or let me tie you up right away ...  

Rubber Touch- Minimum duration 1,5 h

Here you can choose from two options: Firstly, you can experience everything described above, in latex and we celebrate our latex fetish ... On the other hand, you can make a sensual-lustful-meditative latex experience of the special kind: Entirely wrapped in latex we go both deep Relax and give us completely to the material. Our journey leads to the deep security, which makes a magic of the material - two latex bodies tightly embraced - from there I lead you through sensuous material experiences on the whole body to the summit of the latex ...  

Bondage Touch- Minimum duration 1,5 h

Here, you can experience another variation of sensual-lustful-meditative body experience. I am playing around with your rope, as it were, and we keep moving until you are hopelessly exposed to me and the essential paradox of the bondage is revealed to you: through free will be free! It is about the release, which is supported by the bondage, the feeling of deep devotion and the shame-free survival feelings of true sexual pleasure. This kind of touch goes deeper – indeed, we meet on a psychic level. My ropes are the extension of my arms, which keep you safe and watchful. From this safe base, we start to enjoy ...  

Tantric Touch- Minimum duration 1,5 h

This is also a sensual-lustful-meditative body experience. Experience the royal discipline of all massages in pure pure form. In total disrespect, I am going with you to an exciting physical journey - the exit is open. The experience arc ranges from deep relaxation to ecstatic whole-body pleasure. Your unconscious gives the direction - I intuitively introduce myself to you. The basis is a deep, close-to-heart encounter. Let us surprise you as to where the path leads us ...  

Come and let me touch you ... "

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Erotic Touch – Minimum Time 1 h - 200 €

Fetish Touch– Minimum Time 1 h - 220 €

Bizarre Touch– Minimum Time 1 h - 250 €

Rubber Touch– Minimum Time 1,5 h - 420 €

Bondage Touch– Minimum Time 1,5 h - 300 €

Tantric Touch– Minimum Time 1,5 h - 250 €

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