Doctor Yuna

  • Catheter
  • Empathetic sadist
  • Role-playing

Dr. Yuna is the specialist in urological and anal research at the
Central Clinic Centric.

With her calm and professional nature, each and every patient feels
immediately feels as if he's in good handswith her, and indeed he is.

She treats her patients very competently and caringly, closely addressing
their physical and mental concerns. Thereby, however, she also consistently
and consequently advocates the treatment necessary for success.
If required, this is enforced with severity and coercive measures.

This empathetic sadism makes Dr. Yuna a very goal-oriented doctor.
Regular preventive examinations as well as outpatient emergency
treatment are in her treatment range.


usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
see dates


  • Catheter
  • Electrical current treatment
  • Fixation
  • Forced ejaculation
  • Injections
  • Needling
  • Nipple treatment
  • Prostate check
  • Shaving of the genital area
  • Sperm samples
  • Tease and denial
  • Urethral investigation


  • unsafe Praktiken

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