Dr. Satanica Panthera

  • Experienced clinic professor
  • Stomach tube
  • Surgery simulations

This attractive, well-versed doctor Mrs. Prof. Dr. med. Satanica Panthera welcomes the private patient to her very special consultation hours.

She is the luminous figure among the half-gods in white.

With a short nod and a deep look from her green eyes, the tall, slender woman lets you know that you are allowed to the examination room. What happens then? Well, you will learn only when the door closes behind you. The details of your medical history, your problems, wishes and therapy options will all be discussed.

This experienced clinician will then tell you exactly what you need for your therapy.

You will be examined in detail. Every inch of your body is explored. Previously unimagined depths will be explored. Nothing is hidden from her. The process will cleanse your innermost regions, filling and fulfilling you. However, she will also take samples from you, make changes to you, sew wounds or place you on the drip-feed.

Maybe you need a stomach tube as well? This will be introduced into your with the utmost care and knowledge.
You feel that your genitals are not big enough? She will help you come to sizes that you have only dreamed of reaching.
You need an urgent operation? She will exhaust all possibilities to help you.
You want to beautify your body? Doctor Satanica Panthera understands everything about piercings as well as artistic brandings and cuttings.
You feel an inner restlessness? With Sigufix firmly strapped to and indeed merged with your bed, you inevitably receive the opportunity to find rest. Your relaxation therapy will make you feel like she's lending you wings.
Maybe you'll just be her experimental subject, maybe she can save you from long-term suffering. She will decorate places on your body with needles, remove your bodily fluids and close your body with sutures.

She will penetrate the depths of your rectum, introducing you to a variety of devices and disciplines. Among them. proctology, pain and relaxation therapy, urology, electrotherapy, anesthesiology, internal medicine, psychotherapy and ozone therapy, just to name a few Contact this special doctor, she's on call for you.

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  • Anal treatment up to stretching
  • Branding
  • Catheter
  • Cutting
  • Electrical current therapy
  • Enemas
  • Feeding tubes
  • Infusions into the scrotum
  • Injections
  • Needles
  • Piercing
  • Sewing
  • Surgery simulations
  • Urethra expansion
  • and much more ...


  • unsafe Praktiken


  • Scat
  • Intimate contact
  • Vomit
  • Pet-play
  • Baby education
  • permanent damage

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