Dr. Decadoria

  • Strict examinations
  • Needle therapy
  • Nappy action

Whether it involves erotic clinic role-playing, bizarre examinations or lusty pain treatments:

Miss respectively Ms. Dr. Decadoria´s bizarre erotic doctor games put every
patient to the test. Experience a multitude of clinical joys and let yourself be
treated by the bizzare physician Decadoria within the framework of a sample,
whole body examination or a certain therapeutic measure.

In the inviting clinic ambience, she is passionate about you and will implement
the appropriate treatment that will put an end to your suffering.

Erection states are rigorously examined, pain limits are mercilessly tested and
sperm samples also compulsorily taken.

The spectrum of therapies includes necessary preventative examinations, urgent
emergency treatment, regular follow-up appointments as well as special,
innovative medical experiments.

I can conduct my extensive methods of investigation conscientiously and
compassionately, but also sadistically and without mercy as well.

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  • Needles, sewing games,
  • under-spraying
  • Orgasmic control, forcible ejaculation,
  • thwarted orgasm
  • Urethral extension, urethral stimulation
  • Diapers – diaper eroticism


  • unsafe Praktiken

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