Welcome to the Central Clinic Centric

Bizarre clinic staff and classical doctors with more than 20 years of tradition in the heart of Stuttgart.

Dive into libidinously erotic moments, dark passions and the bitter-sweet abysses of the soul. Our team of bizarre doctors, amusing nurses, fetish clinics and traditional physicians awaits you in an authentically portrayed clinic atmosphere.

In one of the most renowned SM clinics in Germany, under the direction of Madame Lorett, a passionate and qualified team takes care of you and your fantasies and finds the right treatment method for every 'patient' ... or the right female 'patient' for our eagerly learning 'physicians'.

The title of our doctors is, of course, purely fictional and of no true medical significance.


handed over! the monthly special takes place in the studio area
Dr. Eva Black pacticed from December 4th to 10th
Dr. Kinky Jay practiced from December 9th to 11th
and loves sewing games
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The ladies of the Studio Centric work independently and on their own account.

Accordingly, please note that all appointments made by you are to be arranged directly and personally with the respective woman.

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